Dating Lifestyle of a Single Mom

While motherhood, career, friendships, and social groups can be rewarding, there is still a void that these cannot fill. After a divorce, even if you wanted it, single moms can go through a melancholy. You can feel ugly and excess. It’s so easy to cut yourself off from everyone else and continue to sink into […]

dating with a single mom

feel single in relationship

Why should I Feel Single in My Relationship?

When you’re lonely and struggling, but not alone When you said “I do,” you thought you were choosing to a lifetime of synergy, shared experiences, and mutual support. Today, you’re wondering what happened. If you’re a woman, you may think, “We never talk anymore. And why can’t he take out the trash once in a […]

Funny Ways to Say “I Love You”

Some people say that the words “I love you” are said too often; I say poppycock! If you’re one of those who is feeling those three lovely words are over-used, then it’s time for you to start getting innovative, for your sake and for those whom you love. Perhaps you’re not bored with saying it […]

Funny Ways to Say “I Love You”