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Lifestyle and Painting of Marc Chagall

Marc Chagall is today regarded as one of the greatest artistic works pioneer across the world. He is a Jewish artist of the twentieth century and one of the celebrated icons in the field of arts particularly artwork. Apart from painting, other careers Marc Chagall is famous for include stained glass arts, prints, stage sets […]

Lifestyle and Painting of Marc Chagall

installation consisted of: 1 performance projected on the wall 2 t.v monitors playing henna design painted by me and a room installation to look like a tent in the desert for the public to interact with the space.

Origins of installation art

Installation art came in to prominence in the 1970s but its roots can be identified in earlier artists such as Marcel Duchamp and his use of the ready made objects. Alika pande agrees that as a refrence point , one can consider Duchamp’s use of the urinal and Dadaism as starting points. IN India , […]