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Start Protecting the Environment form Today!

Protecting the atmosphere must be in everyone’s agenda. Common ways to do so include recycling and recycling materials, reducing waste, using less paper, among others. But these are common practices that many people already know.How about trying these five practical and amazing ways on how to protect the environment today? These tips will not only […]

Start Protecting the Environment form Today!


Basement basics

Gone are the days when the basement was considered to be housing scary secrets and evil monsters. These sub surface areas are turning into a goldmine for most people. Not only do these provide an additional floor area, but also a more thermally comfortable interior environment. Besides being used for storage or office space, there […]

Day after day

Day after day we hear about how anthropogenic development is causing global warming. According to an increasingly vocal minority however, we should be asking ourselves how much of this is media hype and how much is based on real evidence. It seems as so often is the case, that it depends on which expert you […]

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