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Every Child Needs a Father

A child who grows up in a restless atmosphere is unconfident, sad, disobedient, rebellious, stubborn, jealous and competitive. In later years, these children suffer from developing disorders in education and are continually punished for offenses resulting from an environment lacking the cooperation between the father and the mother and their joint care. A child needs […]

Every Child Needs a Father


Daddy’s girls

Of all the relationships that binds us, the father-daughter bond is remarkably unique. Yet like all other humanities, it is no less fraught with anxiety. For quite some tome now we have been heralding the arrival of the sensitive new age man who is clued into a woman’s needs. Is this new man as sensitive […]


Young Indian writer Tushin Sinha sits before his laptop, narrowing his eyes in spell of focus as he reads an update on how to give his newborn son his first massage. The weekly new later he subscribes to arrives in his inbox from Babyventer.com an online resource for new and expecting parents. The detailed information […]

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