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Wear your patriotism

OST middle-aged persons would have fond childhood memories of rising early on the morning of august 15 and heading straight to the rooftop armed with kitesand manjha(string harnessed to keep it afloat)and spending a good part of the morning with their guddas that majestically rose to the skies .Even now the azure skies turn into […]

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War that shaped history

The book recounts the various milestones of the India-Pakistan war of 1971 and is an interesting, well-woven account. The author has appropriately dedicated this book to Indira Gandhi and Field Marshal Manekshaw, who played leading role in India‚Äôs brilliant victory in 1971 war. The book written by Major-General Kuldip Singh Bajwa starts with strategic developments […]

What the state can and must do

BESIDES losing no further time in enlarging and upgrading the state police forces, there must also be no further delay in carrying through the very long awaited police Reforms. In this context it may not be out of place to recall that, for the past several decades, the states have failed to accept the Union […]