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Knowledge in Your Hands

Being an immigrant in a distant country is never simple, and when you come from a nation like India whose principles call for a closed community that creates a feeling of belonging and connection, it gets a lot difficult. However, you do not have to feel lonely or hopeless, as matrisms.com is a one stop […]

Knowledge in Your Hands

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A struggle with the Indian concept of meditation

For quite sometime I have been grappling with the Indian concept of meditation. I have evolved my own theory. In fact I have two theories¬† which contradict each other but are valid in their own ways. One is that meditation is intense concentration on a particular problem till you find the right answer. The others […]

The pursuit of knowledge

According to the great English lexicographer Samuel Johnson, knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves or we know where we can find information upon it (Boswell life vol.2 p383 18 April 1775). In the information-driven world we now inhabit, the latter has assumed a much greater level of importance. At the time […]