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Tips to Inform Your Family members You Are Getting Wedded

For some couples, this is an easy issue. Exploding with the exciting news, you both tell your families instantly, they wish you well, and everyone starts happily preparing for the marriage. Most families will be excited, but for some couples it can be more challenging. Some parents get much connected to their children and react […]

Tips to Inform Your Family members You Are Getting Wedded

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Let the dark knight rise

Have you considered how a degree of negative emotion can be good for you? Anger and envy, for instance, can spur you on to greater efforts than were likely in the absence of such emotions. Companies and bosses use this understanding to their advantage, deliberately creating points of rivalry to nurture a competitive edge that […]

Love in the US of A

What happens when a true-blue desi boy goes to the melting port of cultures, the United states of America, and gets to live the great American dream. Karan puri’s rites of passage book has shades to autobiography details and it is the honesty and sicnserit with which he narrates the story of anurag is touching. […]