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Train Yourself In Self Defense

There are many options for self defense training including martial arts studios, boxing or MMA lessons, rape defense classes or recorded components about all of the above. Based on your situation, you may consider each option for training speed, and the overall value of each option. By far the most cost effective option is using […]

Train Yourself In Self Defense

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An artist who transforms guns into art

Victor hugo zayas is a Mexican painter and sculptor who uses guns recovered by the city of Los Angeles Gun Buyback initiative to create works that he exhibits in California. The series of sculptures was made with weapons collected by the Los Angeles police and most had belonged to criminal Zayas told Efe the Los […]

Why Madonna wants to be Persident

British pop star Madonna wishes she could be the president of a country so that she could stop money being splashed on weapons of mass destruction. “you can not really change much in one day. I think I would like to be president for a longest time. I would not spend as much money for […]