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Hajj – A Complete form of Worship!

The Five Pillars of Islam There are five basic pillars of Islam, five primary obligations and acts of worship which represent the base of a Muslim’s life. These are: •    Shahadah •    Salat •    Zakat •    Sawm •    Hajj 1. Shahadah (Faith) Shahadah, which the most important of all, is the report of faith by […]

Hajj – A Complete form of Worship!

Hindu Weddings

Hindu Weddings and Hinduism

Over 80% of Indians are followers of Hinduism. Hinduism is regarded to be the oldest current major religion of the world. Hinduism is not a set of beliefs and lessons; instead, it a broad term used to define the many various religious beliefs and customs observed by the people of India. Unlike Christianity or Islam, […]