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A festival without sumptuous food? Are you kidding? A Bengali is very likely to retort. The vest repertoire of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, which a Bengali even from an ordinary household can cook, is quite enviable. From traditional dishes to innovations from the kitchen of the Thakur Bari (house of the illustrious Tagores), the Bengali […]

Dress For less

You can save money by not going in for every trend that comes a long.You need style that is fashionable and stays in the budget.If you are like me,scanning the latest fashion magazines and hoping to gain some practical style tips,you may find yourself more confused then ever.Often,there practical style tips pertain to someone definitely […]

Effect of globalization

SOME time ago Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee was visibly happy at the pace of Indus trial growth, which was up at 8.8per cent for the month of June. The industrial sector comprises 25per cent of the total production in the country and is the key driver of GDP growth. If industrial growth slackens in a […]